Shopping at Alicante airport

Alicante Airport Shops & Duty Free

Alicante International Airport has a good range of shops and duty free options, shops can be found in the general public area as well as airside. In addition to shopping facilities there is a selection of bars, coffee shops and restaurants too.

Facilities within the airport fall into the following categories:

1)      Food

2)      Duty Free

3)      Tobacconists

4)      Pharmacy

5)      Fashion & Accessories

6)      Leisure & Entertainment

7)      Beauty Shop

8)      Press

9)      Gifts Shops


Food & Snacks

Food and snacks shops such as Sweet and Sibarium Delicatessen can be found on the second floor on the departures airside.


Duty Free Shops

There are a number of duty free shops in Alicante airport, these can be found at arrivals on the ground floor or in the departures area on the second floor, please note that duty free shops are airside only.



There is a tobacconist shop in the airport; the shop is located by the parking on the ground level, tobacconist shops are also known as estancos.


Pharmacy & Beauty Shop

There is a pharmacy which is in the general public area located on the ground floor by arrivals, its open from 09:30 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 hrs; please note that opening times may vary depending on number of flights.  The beauty shop is located in the departures interconnecting building airside only; they sell a range of beauty products as well as items such as baby care and baby food.


Fashion & Accessories

There are numerous fashion and accessories shops in Alicante airport; these are to be found throughout the departures area on the second floor airside only. These shops sell a variety of accessories as well as fashionable items of clothing.


Leisure & Entertainment

The Crystal media shop is located airside on the departures area on the second floor; they offer a wide range of electronic products such as cameras and computer items. Their opening hours are from 08:00 to 22:00, please note that these times may vary during holidays and festive days.


Newspapers & Magazines

There are three newsagents shops in the terminal, two of which are located airside on the second floor in the departures area whilst the third one is located on the second floor in the general public area also in departures.


Gift Shops

There are three gift shops in Alicante airport; they are situated airside on the second floor in the departures area. In these shops you will find a wide choice of gifts and gadgets.

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  1. David Coster says:

    What time does the duty free shop close?
    Our flight is at 3.45am

    • TravelGuy says:

      All the shops close before midnight so you probably won’t find any shops open at that time of the morning.